Quality, craft-grown cannabis produced with compassion and retailed with convenience.

Where Advanced Science And Craft Production Meet

Advanced Micro is a vertically integrated collection of micro-producers across Canada that specializes in taking a craft production approach to the cultivation and retail of exceptional quality craft medical marijuana.

We find, buy, or lease applicable land and buildings across Canada and apply our micro production expertise to provide only the highest quality cannabis to the retail market through our established distribution partners and, in the near future, our own retail stores.

From Seed to Sale

From finding and developing the production sites, to cultivation and eventual retail, Advanced Micro owns and manages the entire supply chain for our craft micro-produced cannabis.



We find, buy or lease appropriate land and buildings across Canada.



Using the latest modular technologies, we build micro-production facilities.

  • Advanced Micro Modular Construction


Our micro-producers grow craft cannabis with care and compassion.

  • Advanced Micro Flower
  • Advanced Micro Control Technology


We sell our craft products through our branded storefronts.

Advanced Micro Modular Construction

We employ the latest and most efficient modular construction technologies to develop our production facilities. Our approach provides an unparalleled flexibility for developing sites in the most effective way possible, providing a fully scalable model that allows for national scale.

  • Faster build times

  • All materials assembled in controlled environments resulting in higher quality control

  • Higher cost savings due to low labour costs and less wasteful processes

  • Eco-friendly

Advanced Micro Flower

We use the must effective aeroponic methods to cultivate our craft cannabis. This greatly simplifies the process, resulting in more growing time, less downtime, and reduced stress on the plants. They start off healthier and grow more robustly, creating greater yields.

  • 40%+ higher yields
  • 2-3 more bloom harvests per year per room
  • 25% more canopy density per bloom room
  • Eco-friendly
    • 90% less water
    • 70% less nutrients
  • No soil or waste
  • No pesticides

Advanced Micro Control Technology

We use The Guardian, a fully-automated intelligent control technology that guarantees that the nutrient dosage is consistent and applied perfectly at every irrigation cycle. The Guardian constantly senses, doses, tracks, and analyzes the entire grow operation 24/7.

  • Nutrient recipe automation and control

  • Performance tracking, logging, and backup

  • Remote access keeps everything accessible all the time

  • Full recipe customization

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Keep Informed

Subscribe to our mailing list to keep informed about all our exciting news.